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Mold Remediation Protocol

Ensure that your Mold Remediation is completed correctly the first time. Let IAQ Solutions provide you with a specific Mold Remediation Protocol for your home or office.

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What is “Mold Remediation Protocol?”

A Mold Remediation Protocol outlines the needed actions for any necessary mold remediation. Each plan is individually prepared based on the Indoor Environmental Consultants Mold Assessment of the property the size and area of the mold contamination.

A properly prepared Mold Remediation Protocol should be written according to the ANSI Approved IICRC S-520 standard and reference guide for the remediation of mold damaged structures and contents.

The Mold Remediation Protocol will specify the mold remediation containment strategy, decontamination areas, negative air pressure and air filtration(scrubbing), equipment utilization, personnel protective equipment, specific cleaning protocols, project completion requirements, site-specific safety plan and clearance testing that will confirm the post remediation goals have been met.

Once the Mold Remediation Protocol, specifying the proper procedures, guidelines, and activities related to the removal of microbial compromised building materials and subsequent cleanup activities has been established the Mold Remediation Protocol can then be utilized to obtain written bids on the cost to carry out the mold remediation protocol specifications from several qualified mold remediation contractors.
Remember the goal of mold remediation is to remove or clean mold contaminated materials in a way that prevents the emission of mold and dust contaminated with mold from leaving a work area and entering an occupied or non-remediation area, while protecting the health of workers performing the mold remediation.  The goal is not to kill the mold it’s to collect and remove it.

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Lack of Mold Remediation Protocol can Greatly Increase Your Mold Remediation Cost.

In a perfect world you could trust everyone, but it's not a perfect world. Like every industry, the mold business has its share of scammers and con men seeking to profit from your lack of knowledge about mold.

If you hire a mold remediator to inspect for mold he will always find plenty of mod to remediate. Remember that it’s a serious conflict of interest for the mold inspection company you hire to "inspect" for mold and also profit from the "removal" of mold as your mold remediator.

Mold inspectors should never profit from what they find. The best way to avoid this mold scam is to hire a Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant who is not in the remediation business to conduct a Mold Assessment and write a specific Mold Remediation Protocol for Your home or office. That's the only way to ensure an unbiased Mold Inspection.

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Orlando Mold Remediation Protocol
Sadly many unscrupulous companies use a “FREE MOLD INSPECTION” as a tool to justify their inflated mold remediation proposals. These contractors play on your fear of mold and use their testing and inspection to foster and justify this fear. Your mold inspector’s position should always be unbiased, neutral, and without conflict of interest. Be sure whoever you do choose isn’t looking for mold remediation work for their own company. Engaging in both mold inspections and mold remediation is a serious conflict of interest because the potential for corruption (fraudulently creating thousands of dollars in unnecessary mold remediation) is tremendous.

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The final step in the mold removal process is a Post Remediation Verification Inspection or Mold Clearance Test conducted to verify and document that the remediation was in fact successful. The Post Mold Remediation Verification Test or Mold Clearance Test should also be conducted according to the ANSI Approved IICRC S-520.  The Post Mold Remediation Verification Inspection or Mold Clearance Test should be done before any re-construction work begins so the inspector can visually see that there is no mold left on the remediated materials.

Many mold remediation contractors offer "FREE" post remediation verification inspection or mold clearance testing. Mold Clearance Testing is vital to the mold remediation process and should never be conducted by the remediation contractor.

Insurance companies, mortgage lenders and prospective buyers of your property in the future will want to see written confirmation that the mold issue was resolved.

Post Remediation Verification Inspection PRVI or Mold Clearance Testing should never be performed by a mold remediation contractor waiting to get paid for his work. With thousands of dollars on the line, it is highly unlikely that a contractor will fail his own work.

Remember to always have your PRVI Post Remediation Verification Inspection or Mold Clearance Test performed by a Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant who does not work for your mold remediation contractor. This will ensure you have a Healthy Home.

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Mold Remediation Protocol

IAQ Solutions primary response to fungal contamination in buildings is the prompt Remediation of contaminated material and infrastructure repair while preventing further damage to the structure, personal belongings, and occupants.

IAQ Solutions Mold Remediation protocols are written in accordance with the ANSI Approved IICRC S-520 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation.


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Is Your Mold Inspector Licensed by the State of Florida?

Our ACAC Council Certified Indoor Environmental Consultants have the experience, training and required insurance necessary to be Licensed Mold Assessors by the State of Florida.

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I am pleased to share my professional experience with John. I have known John for a couple of years now.  He has functioned as a mold assessor. My company has functioned as a mold remediator.

John exhibits professional and personal qualities that I respect and place great value on: 1. Professionally, he is meticulous and does not accept work that does not meet or exceed industry standards. 2. Personally, he exhibits the highest ethics with respect to his work and the greatest respect for his clients.

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