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Indoor Air Quality Solutions IAQS (the IAQ Division of Microshield Environmental Services) is a Florida Indoor Air Quality Consulting Company that provides Healthy Building Performance, Homes & Office Assessments, Indoor Air Quality Inspections, Mold Inspections & Testing by Florida Licensed Mold Inspectors and Council Certified Indoor Air Quality Consultants (CIEC's).  Building performance or home performance is a comprehensive whole-house approach to identifying and correcting comfort and indoor air quality problems in homes and offices.

In addition to our Healthy Office and Healthy Home Assessments

Our Services Include:

   •  Radon Testing

      •  Bacteria Testing

   •  Odor Investigation

      •  Mold Clearance Testing

   •  Water Damage Inspections

      •  Mold Remediation Protocol

   •  IAQ Indoor Air Quality Testing

      •  Asthma & Indoor Allergen Testing

   •  Building Envelope Inspections

      •  Orlando Mold Inspection and Testing

   •  Cause & Origin Investigations

      •  Post Remediation Verification Insp.

   •  Indoor Environmental Diagnostics

      •  Thermal Imaging & Infrared IR Insp.

If You Suspect that Your Home or Office has an Indoor Air Quality Problem Call IAQ Solutions (Microshield) Today to schedule your Healthy Home or Office Assessment.

If you have Allergies, Asthma or you suspect that your home or office has a Mold or an Indoor Air Quality problem CALL the Florida State Licensed Experts at IAQS Indoor Air Quality Solutions Today.  (407) 383-9459

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Our Indoor Air Quality Inspections and Air Testing and Our Mold Inspections and Testing will answer all of your questions and provide you with the tools to reclaim your Indoor Environment.

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Why IAQ Solutions for your Mold Inspection?

Our licensed mold inspections begin with a thorough visual inspection to identify the cause and origin of the moisture that supported the mold growth in your home or office.  Identifying the cause and origin is critical and may not always be clearly evident.  It’s the identification of the cause and origin and correcting the source of the moisture that will ensure that the mold will not return.

We then provide you with a written protocol specific to the loss.  The mold remediation protocol establishes the extent of the water and mold damage and provides you with a floor plan defining the area of your loss including the necessary containment to prevent any possible cross contamination.  The mold remediation protocol will also specify the building material that will be removed and the proper cleaning for the contained area of your home or office.

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The mold remediation protocol will also clearly establish the remediation goals or mold clearance criteria.  The remediation goals are necessary to ensure that the remediation contractor understands what is expected of them.  

Our mold remediation protocol can be submitted to your insurance company to provide the cause and origin of the loss as well as the extent of the damage. 

The protocol can then be provided to several licensed mold remediation contractors for mold remediation estimates that would be based on the specifications outlined in the remediation protocol and not the mold remediators opinion or personal assessment.  In Florida, it is against the Florida Statute to provide both the assessment and remediation on the same job.  That’s a direct conflict of interest.

Finally IAQ Solutions will inspect your home or office when the mold remediation contractor has complete the remediation but prior to and re-build or reconstruction of the remediated areas.  This is extremely important to ensure that the remediation contractor is not leaving residual mold or mold spores that can have a substantial impact on you or your family once the containment barriers are removed.

With the mold inspection, mold remediation protocol, and the post mold remediation verification inspection you will have the documentation necessary to show that your loss was identified and completed with verification from licensed professionals.

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Why Indoor Air Quality Solutions for Your IAQ Assessment?
Healthy Home or Office Assessment - Indoor Environmental Assessment

Indoor Air Quality Solutions IAQS (the IAQ Division of Microshield ES) approaches each indoor environmental assessment as a NCHH Healthy Office Assessment or Healthy Home Assessment using a holistic approach and the National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH) 7 Principals of Healthy Housing

Orlando Mold Inspection Indoor Air Quality Solutions IAQS

1.  Dry,

2.  Clean,
3.  Pest-Free,
4.  Safe,
5.  Contaminant-Free,
6.  Ventilated, and
7.  Maintained

IAQ Solutions begins all our Indoor Air Quality IAQ inspections with a thorough visual inspection to identify any and all contributors that may compromise your indoor environment.  It’s not always mold.  We follow the 7 principals of Healthy Homes when conducting all IAQ inspections.

Our IAQ and Nuisance odor investigations also involve measuring the indoor environment of your home or office both at rest (HVAC off) as well as active (HVAC running).

We measure onsite in real time for:
    •  Temperature                                  •  Relative Humidity
    •  Carbon Dioxide                            •  Volatile Organic Compounds
    •  Airborne Particulate matter

These critical indoor environmental measurements will help to identify areas of your home or office that needs to be further investigated as well as establishing the efficiency of your home or office ventilation system.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions IAQS focuses on identifying the contributors to poor indoor air quality by focusing on the whole home as a single system that can affect your indoor environment.

Building envelope failures such as leaks at the roof or windows, air conditioning failure which can include duct leaks, excessive condensation, and/or negative pressure of the living space can all be contributors to indoor air quality problems and the elevation of indoor allergens.

Our ability to identify an elevation of contaminants or allergens within your home and identify the cause and origin is what sets us apart.

With our years of experience, we will provide you with an Indoor Air Quality Report with specific corrective action and/or protocol designed to help you quickly Improve and maintain your indoor environment.
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Let IAQS Indoor Air Quality Solutions provide your Indoor Air Quality Inspection and Testing.  Indoor Air Quality Solutions provides the very best Orlando Mold Inspection & Testing.  IAQ Solutions can also provide you with a complete Healthy Home Assessment or Healthy Office Assessment.


Why Indoor Air Quality Solutions, IAQS?

Indoor Air Quality Solutions, IAQS is a Building Envelope & Indoor Environment Consultant company providing IAQ consultation for commercial and residential properties.   Training is critical as a consultant and all of our consultants are trained in Building Science, Indoor Air Quality, Healthy Homes Assessment, Mold Assessment, Mold Remediation, Water Restoration, Structural Drying,

Our consultants carry the following Licenses and certifications:

Florida Licensed Mold Assessors

Radon Measurement Technicians
Radon Mitigation Specialist
Commercial Drying Specialist, CDS
Applied Structural Drying Technician, ASD
Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor, CMRS,
Council-certified Indoor Environmentalist CIE
Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant CIEC
Council-certified Environmental Thermography Consultant, CETC

As either CIE’s or CIEC’s our consultants have earned the most respected certifications in the field of indoor environmental consulting.  The certifications are based on training and field experience in building sciences, industrial hygiene and indoor environmental risk assessment. The certifications document our consultant's skills and knowledge regarding design, construction and operation of buildings with respect to the quality and efficiency of the indoor environment in a manner that could be relied upon by individuals and organizations seeking Indoor Air Quality Solutions, IAQS services as a consultant or advisor for the assessment and management of new or established indoor environments.

Finding and identifying the cause and origin of an unhealthy indoor environment involves the knowledge and experience Indoor Air Quality Solutions, IAQS has in building sciences, industrial hygiene and indoor environmental risk assessment.

Identifying an unhealthy indoor environment is not why clients hire IAQ Solutions.

They hire IAQ Solutions to determine the Cause and Origin of the unhealthy indoor environmental and provide a specific scope of work designed to return their indoor environment to a Healthy Indoor Environment.

Specialties: Cause & Origin Forensic Water Intrusion Investigation and Building Envelope Failure, Indoor Environmental and Indoor Air Quality Assessment, Nuisance Odor Investigation, Mold Inspection and Testing.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions IAQS, Microshield Indoor Environmental Consultants are Florida State Licensed Mold Assessors - Florida State Certified Radon Measurement Specialist - EPA Certified Lead Paint Renovator - Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultants (CIEC).

For the very best mold inspection in Orlando or the best indoor air quality inspection in Florida make sure your Indoor Air Quality Inspector or Mold Inspector is a Florida Licensed Mold Assessor & Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultans CIEC's

Indoor Air Quality Solutions, IAQS and Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the effect of the air inside a structure on its occupants.

Good IAQ is the quality of air which has no unwanted gasses or particles in it at concentrations which will adversely affect someone.

Poor IAQ occurs when gases or particles are present at an excessive concentration so as to affect the satisfaction or health of occupants.

IAQ problems can arise from moisture, insects, pets, appliances, materials used in household products, furnishings, building materials, smoke and other sources, all of which affect your indoor air quality and become a health concern.  

Isolating the source of IAQ Issues and any health concerns in your home or office and providing a solution is what Florida Indoor Air Quality Solutions IAQS specializes in.

The most common Florida IAQ complaint is mold.  Mold can present many health concerns such as watery, itchy eyes, a chronic cough, headaches or migraines, difficulty breathing, rashes, tiredness, sinus problems, nasal blockage and frequent sneezing.

To determine if your IAQ concern is mold related you fist need a mold assessment.  A mold assessment will establish the cause and origin of the moisture that is supporting the mold growth as well as the extent of the mold contamination.

IAQ Solutions provides a complete inspection of your home or office to determine the cause and origin of your indoor air quality issues.  It’s not always mold.  IAQ Solution will inspect all areas of your home or office including the HVAC system.

The physical inspection of your home or office is the most important first step to establishing the condition of your indoor environment and IAQ.  In most cases mold testing or mold sampling isn’t necessary.  If mold testing and sampling is necessary the mold inspectors at IAQ Solutions are Licensed and trained in all aspects of mold sampling surface and air.

IAQ Solutions will provide you with the necessary recommendations to restore your indoor environment and improve your indoor air quality. 

If your IAQ issue is mold related, IAQ Solutions will provide you with a mold remediation protocol that will establish the specific steps necessary to properly remediate the mold contaminated areas of your home and repair the cause and origin of the moisture that supported the mold growth.

For all of our clients, IAQ Solutions will review all mold remediation estimates provided by licensed mold remediators submitting estimates based on our mold remediation protocol.  IAQ Solutions will also provide oversight of the actual mold remediation and conduct a post remediation verification inspection to ensure that the mold remediation was successfully completed prior to reconstruction and the removal of any containment barriers.  This is when the mold testing and mold sampling is critical to document the completion of the mold remediation.

IAQ Solutions provides all of our clients full document of the mold inspection, mold remediation protocol, and post remediation verification inspection.  These documents become a permanent record of the identification and correction of the mold within your home or office.  The post remediation verification and mold sampling results confirm the successful completion of the mold remediation.

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