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Indoor Air Quality Assessment

An Indoor Air Quality or Indoor Environmental assessment is much more than an inspection for mold and a lot more than the simple collection of a few air samples for mold spores.  The odors you smell in your home are not always mold.  Click to read more about Odor Investigations.

An Indoor Air Quality assessment must be conducted using a comprehensive whole-house or whole office approach to identify and correct contributors that may be compromising the indoor air quality within homes and offices.

To help identify these contributors that may be compromising your Indoor Air Quality, IAQ Solutions measures the actual performance of your HVAC System both Active (HVAC Running) and Inactive (HVAC Off).

IAQ Solutions will measure each room of your home or office for:

The handheld IAQ Assessment tools listed below allow us to identify contributors that may be compromising your indoor air quality on site at the time of our assessment.

Collecting a few air samples for mold spores is not an Indoor Air Quality Assessment and sampling the air for mold spores is not an Indoor Air Quality sample.  Its an air sample for mold spores.  Click to read more about Mold Sampling.

Click here to read about Mold Sampling referred to as Air Quality Sampling

Click Here to read more about Indoor Formaldehyde

The Benefits of Our Inspections

   •   Identify Allergens in your home or office.

   •   Identify Asthma Triggers in your home or office.

   •   Identify the presence and source of elevated mold spores in your home or office

   •   Identify the source of unusual Odors or VOC's in your home or office.

   •   Identify the possible elevation of Particulate Matter in your home or office.

   •   Employers increase productivity.

   •   Property owners protect their investment.

   •   Doctors find assistance with their diagnosis.

   •   Lawyers can show an association between mold and an illness.

   •   Real estate brokers can present properties with documented Healthy Indoor Environment.

   •   Most Importantly you'll have a Specific Plan of Action to reduce or eliminate the Allergens,                 or Asthma Trigggers, Mold, VOC's, or Particulate Matter in you home or office.

#IAQS Indoor Air Quality Solutions Indoor Environmental lMeasurements

IAQ Solutions IAQ Assessment Tools

Indoor Air Quality Equipment IAQS Indoor Air Quality Solutions
  • Moisture Scan
  • Particulate Scan
  • Video Inspection
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Visual Inspection
  • Odor Investigation
  • Invasive Inspection

  • Forensic Inspection
  • Diagnostic Inspection
  • Non-Invasive Inspection
  • LEED IAQ EQ 3.2 Testing
  • Boroscope (fiber optic) Inspection
  • Post Remediation Clearance Inspection
  • Black Light / UV Scan (long wave ultraviolet)

What does an Indoor Environmental (IEQ) Report or
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Report Contain?

Click to see a what IAQ Solutions IEQ & IAQ Report Contain.
Collecting a few air samples for mold spores is not an Indoor Air Quality Assessment.  Click to read more about Mold Sampling.

Whats In The Air You Breathe?
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The IAQ Visual Inspection

A visual inspection is the most important initial step in identifying a possible indoor contamination problem. The visual inspection is conducted with the aid of the seven principles of healthy homes,   Dry, Clean, Pest-Free, Safe, Contaminant-Free, Ventilated, and Maintained.  This is an essential part of the IAQ assessment.

The ventilation systems should be visually checked, particularly for filter efficiency, filter bi-pass, the storage of materials in the area of the air handler, and the systems overall cleanliness.  The use of a boroscope, (fiber optics) to view space inside ductwork.

During the thorough visual investigation of your home or office (including the attic, crawl spaces and basement) we examine:

  • Heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems.
  • Moisture barriers for proper installation and condensation occurrence via existing wall openings and a fiber optics scope.
  • The moisture content of floors, walls and ceilings--even beneath surfaces--using a non-invasive moisture meter.
  • The temperature and humidity of the indoor and outdoor air using properly calibrated instruments.
  • All water-damaged areas and locate the point of water intrusion
Remember that collecting a few air samples for mold spores is not an Indoor Air Quality Assessment and sampling the air for mold spores is not an Indoor Air Quality sample.  

Indoor Air Quality Presentations by 
John and Lydia Lapotaire presented at the 
American Industrial Hygiene Association, AIHA and 
Indoor Air Qualilty Association, IAQA Annual Conferances.

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Insulation
Nuisance Odor Investigations

#IAQS SPF Spray Foam Insulation Inspections #SPF #IAQ
Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is an effective insulation and air sealant material; however, exposures to its key ingredient, isocyanates such as "MDI," and other SPF chemicals that may be found in vapors, aerosols, dust or on surfaces during and for a period of time after installation may cause adverse health effects such as asthma. Therefore, steps to control exposures and safety tips should be followed.

If you have concerns with your installed Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) follow the link to the SPF Inspection Page for additional information.


IAQ Assessments and Mold Air Sampling / Mold Air Test

Air sampling for mold should not be part of a routine Indoor Air Quality assessment. The indoor environment can have many more potential contaminants or contributors to compromised indoor air quality than just mold.  Unfortunately, many mold inspectors are selling a mold test as an indoor air quality test.  A mold sample will never be an indoor air quality test, Never.  The typical air sampling for airborne mold will provide you with limited information on the genus of molds collected during the five minute sample period within the room sampled.

Mold sampling is not recommended as a method of investigating mold.  This is because decisions about appropriate mold remediation strategies can usually be made on the basis of a mold visual inspection.  Identify the source of the moisture supporting the mold growth and the extent of the damage.  The genus of mold changes nothing about how you remediate the mold or the extent of the mold damage.

Mold air Sampling may be necessary if the presence of mold is suspected (e.g., musty odors) but cannot be identified by a visual inspection or bulk sampling (e.g., mold growth behind walls). The purpose of such mold air sampling is to determine the location and/or extent of contamination.

Personnel conducting the mold sampling must be trained in proper air sampling methods for microbial contaminants. A laboratory specializing in mycology should be consulted for specific sampling and shipping instructions. Chain of custody is also important.

Remember collecting a few air samples for mold spores is not an Indoor Air Quality Assessment and sampling the air for mold spores is not an Indoor Air Quality sample.  

Click to read more about mold sampling.


Indoor Air Quality in Florida's Homes

Understanding Florida's Indoor Air Quality Challenges. An Introduction to Residential Indoor Air Quality for Florida Real Estate Professionals.

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Indoor Air Quality Assessment Begins 

with the Actual Measurement of your Home or Office for Temp, RH, CO2, VOC's, and Airborne Particulate with the home Inactive and Active

Your Indoor Air Quality Mold Inspector & Consultant Should;

1. Carry Certification By The American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC) as a Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC) With Accreditation By The Council for Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB). A CIEC is the most respected certification in the field of indoor environmental consulting.

2. Carry Environmental Consultants Professional Liability Insurance with Mold Coverage & Commercial Liability Insurance Including Environmental Liability From Legends Environmental Insurance Services, LLC. the gold standard for firms in the IAQ and Mold industry.

3. Only use American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) Accredited Laboratories. Only laboratories accredited by AIHA have been assessed by AIHA and determined to be in compliance with AIHA Accreditation Policy Modules and ISO/IEC. NACLA recognizes AIHA’s accreditation program as compliant with the ISO/IEC 17011 standard.17025:2005.


IAQ Complaints are Not Always Mold

An Indoor Air Quallity Inspection IS NOT Just about collecting Mold Samples.  Your IAQ Consultant MUST be familuar with much more than Just Mold.

Sometimes It's other Contributors such as these.....


It's NOT Always Mold
Sometimes it's one or more of the following:

Visit our Mold and Indoor Air Quality Video Library

Indoor Air Quality Links and Resources

Indoor Air Quality Solutions Presentations on
Indoor Air Quality

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Indoor Air Quality In Florida
Indoor Air Quality IAQ in Florida can be quite different than many other areas of the country.  If you live in Florida or are interested in moving to Florida this presentation will help you understand some of the unique challenges with Indoor Air Quality in Florida.

John P. Lapotaire, CIEC

Indoor Air Quality in Florida's Homes
Understanding Florida's Indoor Air Quality Challenges.  An Introduction to Residential Indoor Air Quality for Florida Real Estate Professionals.

John P. Lapotaire, CIEC
Microshield Environmental Services, LLC

Green Building and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
Green Building in Florida and the Indoor Air Quality Challenges of a Humid Climate. An Introduction to Residential Indoor Air Quality for Florida Home Building Professionals.

John P. Lapotaire, CIEC
Indoor Air Quality Solutions, IAQs


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Microshield responded quickly and professionally.

John and Lydia were very understanding of our concerns. They provided a comprehensive protocol for the restoration of our home.

My daughter and I are very pleased with their service and their fee.

Ted Holz, Winter Springs

John did a great job for us.

His extensive knowledge is evident and he takes pride in not only the task at hand, but in sharing knowledge with his clients.

I felt like he really cared that I had the knowledge I needed to keep our air quality good long after he left.

He was willing to take the time required to answer any of our questions and listen to the whole story. Our results were negative, but the knowledge and peace of mind were worthwhile.

Thank you
Steven Bonneau

I first met John when Buyers of mine wanted their home tested for absolutely everything in the world!

John came in, set up his equipment, and in a very professional way, set up an unbiased testing ground to see if there were any allergens, mold spores, or anything that was dangerous living in the air in the home.

His work became a curious project for me to observe. With technology that befuddled me, John proceeded to maneuver his equipment like a pro! Ultimately, when the time came for the inspections to be completed, John's report was succinct, exact, and presented in a clear, precise and respectful manner.

John is THE BEST in Orlando!


Debbie Kantor, Realtor
Re/Max Town Center

John and his company provided an excellent air quality inspection for us he was very professional and was well worth the money spent for peace of mind.

Thank you again and look forward to working with John in the future!

Thank You Microshield!

Ross Kempster

John is extremely professional in all aspects of his field.

He provided a great inspection and service for the price quoted and showed up on time.

You can't go wrong with John as he will always guide you in the right direction.

I would have no problem recommending John to anyone I know including family members and you can't ask for more than that.

Thanks Microshield!

Chris Brown, Orlando

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I have had the opportunity to work on several projects with John and found his analysis and recommendations to be thorough and well thought out.

His concern for his client’s well-being is second to none.

I would not hesitate to recommend any of our customers to John.

Brian Hastings , President ,
4 Seasons Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc.

John has extensive training and experience in the Indoor Air Quality field and is highly qualified.

John's company, Microshield Environmental Services is the only IAQ Company I recommend to my clients and I recommend him knowing our mutual clients will be completely satisfied with his work and professionalism.

I am proud to be associated with him.

Richard Ross, President,
Accurate Home Inspections of America, LLC

I have engaged John's firm on several occasions we have always found his firm to be professional, knowledgeable and a team player.

John reflects a lot of diligence to be a top source of information in his field and I would work with his firm again and always consider him a valuable source in air quality and indoor environmental matters.

Doug Bush, President
SSW and Bush Contractors, LLC